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14 day - PDC1 2021


(Registration Open)

Dates: Sept - 11th & 12th, Sept - 25th & 26th,

Oct - 9th & 10th, Oct - 23rd & 24th,

Nov – 6th & 7th, Nov 20th & 21st,

Dec - 4th & 5th

​​​(7x  weekends absorbed over 3 months)

Lead teacher > Brett Cooper

8x Guest specialist teachers

3x offsite Permaculture farm visits

Loads of Demonstration

Hands on Learning

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14 day Protracted PDC - 2021

A Limestone Permaculture Design Certificate course offers real time examples of a successful design process and transitioning

sustainable living systems on a thriving, working

permaculture principled homestead!

This is the backdrop for your PDC learning experience...!

Our course emulates the Mollison / Morrow / Holmgren curriculum, backed by our own experiences of over 18years in both Suburban & Rural settings.

We cover a wide variety of landscapes and climates & include the application of Permaculture Principles to food production, water harvesting, home design, construction, energy conservation & generation, income from homestead and practical strategies from tried & tested

Permaculture Solutions.

It is an expectation that you will finish the course with a property 'Concept' design of your

very own to get you started on your Permaculture Journey!!

Venue:       Limestone Permaculture Farm > 846 The Bucketts Way, STROUD ROAD. NSW 2415


Includes:  - Earth User's Guide to Permaculture (2nd Edition) by Rosemary Morrow

                   - Seasonally inspried Gourmet Morning tea & lunch .

                   - Learning onsite at Limestone Permaculture Demonstration Farm.

                   - Experienced guest teachers and working Permaculture Farm site visits.

                   - Your very own permaculture property concept design


Cost:        PDC 2021 Course fee - $2400

Deposit: $400

If you need to establish a payment plan to pay the course fee by installments over the period leading up to the PDC, please contact us at  We are more than happy to facilitate this, but ask you to set up this plan prior to the course, so that the full fee is paid by the time the PDC commences.

Course Detail

Our PDC will be taught at Limestone Farm, (Stroud Road Village, NSW) with Guest teachers & Visits to various locations of interest during the course.


Limestone Farm is a working small acre Permaculture demonstration site which provides solid examples of working Permaculture Principles and ensures this course makes for a very immersive experience and one not to be missed...!


Specific topics include:

* Permaculture & its history

* The Ethics & Principles of Permaculture

* Principles of Ecology

* Concepts & Themes of Design & Systems

* Domestic Water & Water in the Landscape

* Soils - Health, Aliveness, Erosion & Regeneration

* Climatic Factors & their impacts on the landscape.

* Earth Working and Earth Resources / Appropriate Technology

* Intensive Plant Guilds, Plant Stacking, Diversity & Successive systems

* Trees and their Energy Interaction, Forests & Windbreaks

* Patterns & their value in permaculture

* Urban & Rural Farming & Gardening

* Zone 0 - Home & Hub

* Zone 1- Home Food Garden

* Zone 2 - Home Orchard & Small Animal Management

* Zone 3 - Cropping, Market Gardening & Medium Animals

* Zone 4 - Regenerative Farming & Large Animals

* Zone 5 - Natural Forest & Wildness

* Weed Ecology - indicators & accumulators

* Integrated Pest Management

* Aquaculture & Aquaponics

* Design for Extreme Events & Climate Change

* Strategies for Sustainable Communities / Social Permaculture

* Income from Permaculture / Managing your Permaculture Projects

* Celebrating Permaculture

Whilst the Permaculture Design Certificate is the minimum requirement to work professionally in Permaculture as a designer or consultant, teach Permaculture or do Permaculture work abroad, it is also an important learning curve for designing your very own Urban & Rural Homestead, Community Garden, School Garden and areas that are sustainable, productive, eco-friendly, organic, healthy and low maintenance.

Undertaking a Permaculture Design Certificate with Limestone Permaculture has many benefits:

1/ Economical - generally a full design (snapshot in time) that is customised for you, including site consultation, site sector analysis, bubble diagram, main concept design, animal management information, plant index, etc can set you back at least $3000 (this is basically giving you a 'fish'), however undertaking a 14 day PDC over our protracted three month course (7 weekends) enables you to understand the 'WHY & HOW' of Permaculture Design, allowing you to design your property & evolve this design as changes occur. (teaching you 'How to Fish')

You will be backed by the support of Limestone Permaculture educators, your student group and the PDC group Facebook page we create for each class, even after the course has finished!


2/ Slowed & absorbed Learning - Our protracted PDC offers more time to absorb and test what you have learnt each weekend on your own farm & garden. It allows time to for you to observe seasonal changes & experience weather events to then understand how permaculture can be integrated to harness or protect from these changes & events.


3/ Experience & Knowledge - our PDC course provide 'hands on' experience with demonstrations, workshops & farm tours at Limestone Permaculture Farm, Yeo Farm & Misty Ridge Permaculture Farm along with our supporting guest teachers!

Limestone Permaculture
Before & after 2021.jpg

By the end of our Limestone PDC, you will be able to:

- Understand the permaculture concept, appreciate & integrated permaculture ethics and principles into your daily life.
- Create an accurate base map of any site

- Complete a Site Assessment using information obtained from observations, local weather sites, bio-regional information,   land form maps, access, local government, local ecology information and soil testing.

- Complete a thorough Site Sector Analysis taking into account the energies that enter & exit the property like wind, sun, shade, water, frost, wildlife, views , noise, micro-climates & aesthetics.

- Analise a properties strength & weakness, its potential resources, boundaries and its limiting factors.

- Understand & create functional connections between elements  of your design to reduce labour and eliminate waste.
- Utilise natural patterns from our ecosystems to achieve harmony & beauty within your property & thus aligning with nature.
- Understand how to design for different climatic conditions and adapt to future climate change.
- Understand how to design abundance & build a natural ecology into your property.
- Understand how to design water into your landscape for water harvesting & drought-proofing

- Understand & build living & healthy soils by enhancing the soil food web with biological diversity
- Harness the power of trees to modify climate, build habitat and produce food with a minimum effort
- Understand the strengths and weakness of using each food producing ecosystem
- Use annual gardens to produce food quickly and reliably
- Understand how to design stable, abundant forest gardens / food forests

- Understand how to design & manage animals into your properties ecosystem.

- Understand how to use aquaculture and aquaponics to further enhance your designs
- Utilise appropriate technology for homestead comfort, power generation, energy efficiency, food preservation and much more.

- Implement the permaculture design process on your property and projects within your community.

- Assist your local community (schools, events etc) through your understanding of permaculture design

Please note:

80% attendance & submission of all design assignments are required to complete this PDC.

Limestone Permaculture

Your PDC Teacher

Brett Cooper - Limestone Permaculture

Brett has over 18 years experience in Permaculture Principled Practice and Demonstration, the first 7 years spent as an Urban Permaculturist in Newcastle NSW & the last 11 years on their rural permaculture homestead > Limestone Farm.

Brett has a Cert IV in Permaculture through the Riverina TAFE, undertaken an Advanced Design Process Course with David Holmgren & Dan Palmer, Holistic Management Course with Brian Wellburg, is a Carpenter & Joiner by trade, has years of experience in Building & Landscaping, carries Diplomas in Project Management & Business Management, is certified by Permaculture Research Institute for his PDC undertaken with Allyn River Permaculture and has been an avid gardener for over 35 years.

In the past, Brett has been a director on the Gloucester Food Hub, coordinator for the Mayfield Community Gardens, manager for the Stroud Growers Market and Chief Steward of the ‘Produce Pavilion’ at the Stroud NSW Show. 

Limestone Permaculture - Brett Cooper
Limestone Permaculture

Reference Book
The course curriculum is a combination of:

Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual by Bill Mollison”

Earth User's Guide to Permaculture (2nd Edition) by Rosemary Morrow > supplied with course

Retrosuburbia by David Holmgren

"All of which are recommended reading."

On completion of the course, students will be presented with a PDC graduate certificate

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