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It begins at your Doorstep!
"At Limestone Permaculture we strive to educate for a regenerative & sustainable future by exampling what is possible

right now with Permaculture Principles.!
We feel there has been an ‘awakening’ across our beautiful country, community sufficiency is on the rise again,

urban & rural homesteading has people taking their food & energy supply back into their own hands.
You can live a more natural, healthy & happier life, regardless of your home location or job type.
As 'Permie-Homesteaders', we are striving towards a thoughtful, fulfilling & resilient life through our food, water, shelter,

energy resources, soil, animals etc. though like most, we are still chipping away at our mortgage.

The good news is, this is lifestyle is truly possible..!

It begins with a core intention, a vision & a drive for change!

This links to education, upskilling and planning to make a start!

With each passing day we are transitioning to a more wholesome life, creating a more satisfying and positive future,

not just for ourselves but also for our family, friends, community and students..!

So please join us, as we continue our journey on Limestone Farm, sharing our experiences, skills, knowledge

and the ability to care for our families, each other and the environment."


Limestone Farm - Final Design with Borde
Limestone Permaculture Farm

Every season on Limestone Permaculture Farm brings a brand new experience..! This forever changing landscape is regenerating at breakneck speed which is beyond the expectations of the initial permaculture design.

Our expansion of intensive permaculture farming & market gardening components continues into our eleventh year with the vision to create a resilient edible oasis which mimics nature, providing abundance & real life experiences!

Its is our hope that our teachings & farm demonstration, creates inspiration & enthusiasm to all that visit..!



The Country Pumpkin Farmgate

As a part of Limestone Permaculture, the Farm-gate exists to provide the freshest, nutrient rich, beyond organic produce, affordable to our customers & following the Permaculture Ethics of Earth Care > People Care & Fair Share, the farm-gate provides ethical income towards the farm’s operational costs & inputs.

The old caravan (1962 Sunliner fiberglass caravan originally built in our Shire), came from a retired Stroud farmer Bernie Butler. After realising it’s potential as an eye catching farm-gate, ‘Bernie’ the caravan was reborn to make available our surplus produce.

Benefiting our community & travelers from near & afar, our farm-gate also operates as a small co-operative that provides other local producers an opportunity to sell their goods at a central location.

Brett and Nici - Beanies.jpg
Brett & Nici Cooper

Brett & Nici steward Limestone Farm & enjoy working as a family on their beautiful property, living a more purposeful and productive life. They have a passion for providing permaculture principled education, farming & gardening demonstration, homesteading skills & nutritional advice.




Trae Cooper

Trae assists with farm duties and projects when he is not to busy with his Equine Media business.

Bronte - best photo1.jpg
Bronte Rose Cooper

Bronte is the 'Mother hen' caring for all our farms animals and can often be found tending to her flower garden in between home schooling & homesteading with mum.

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