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Introduction to Permaculture

Start your Permaculture Journey.....

Course cost:  $450.00 per person

Session: (2 day course) 9am to 4pm

Location:  LIMESTONE FARM > 846 The Bucketts Way, STROUD ROAD. NSW 2415


Experiencing one of the Australia's leading permaculture demonstration sites

with Brett Cooper as your Permaculture Educator providing over 30 years of skills & experiences

The Course Package includes Presentations + Support Information for future reference

Farm Fresh Seasonally Inspired Morning Tea & Lunch set amongst a Country backdrop

Organic Tea & Coffee and homemade Punch throughout the day!


What to Wear:          Full covered shoes (Gumboots if wet)

                                                  Sun protection or warm clothing if required. 

Notebook & pen

                                Your favourite Gardening Wear... :)



Limestone Permaculture Farm

Our ‘Introduction to Permaculture’ two day intensive course provides a solid grounding of how you can apply permaculture  in your life & land!

The course will inspire you journey deeper into Permaculture Design to establish a low maintenance, highly productive Urban or rural homestead / community garden, kitchen garden , orchard, food forest, animal systems etc.

We Highlight the importance of small intensive & regenerative systems that are integrated to serve human needs whilst enhancing ecological health. 

You will learn the basics of Permaculture Design Processes, techniques and strategies that will help you to create and enjoy your own piece of permaculture paradise.

The course is taught using a combination of theory by Bill Mollison, David Holmgren & Rosemary Morrow combined with Limestone Permaculture's past 20 years of experience.


Limestone Permaculture Farm showcases many garden, orchard & animal systems in action.


The course outlines:   

Ethics > the moral compass guiding the use of Permaculture Design Principles!

Principles > the road map guiding us for connection, integration, regeneration & resilience of land and life.


Our ‘Introduction to Permaculture’ course will provide you with the confidence to get started on your own journey towards sustainable living.


Including an understanding of:

  • What is Permaculture & how can it guide our daily lives!

  • Introduction to the Permaculture Design Process

  • Permaculture Principled Homesteading for Resilience

  • The Permaculture Home Garden

  • Animal Management & Integration

  • Orchard / Food Forest & Edible Garden > innovative Strategies & Techniques.

  • Freshwater Aquaculture Systems

  • Urban & Rural Strategies

Most of which can be visually demonstrated!

Intro Course Refund Policy

We understand that sometimes circumstances change and you may not be able to attend a course that you have paid for, so as long as you notify us at least 21 days prior to the commencement of the 'Intro' course, your options are:

  • a refund of your course cost, less an administration fee $50 per ticket.

  • a credit for the full amount towards a future course as negotiated via email. (No fee & one transfer per cancellation).

Refunds & credits are not available within 21 days of a course’s commencement.

This is due to commitment made to catering, administration & turning away others once the Intro course is full, which is loss of income to us & our farm.


However, if you do wish to cancel within 21 days, email to discuss.

– if the course has a waiting list, we’ll do our best to fill your place from our waiting list.

- If we are successful, we can credit your course fee towards future course less an administration fee of $100.




Brett & Nici


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