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Simply Homesteading
Your Catering Team

Nici & Bronte (daughter) are our resident wholefood cooks & recipe creators. Our aim is to energise & invigorate our students through fresh & nutritious food, whilst sharing tips with those seeking a life of regenerative wellness.

Nici holds an Advanced Certificate of ‘Nutrition & Health’ and has extensive studies in ‘Australian Native Herbalism’.

Limestone farm kitchen is where Nici & Bronte get their Homesteading on with fermenting, pickling, preserving, infusing, bottling & baking.

Utilising our 'beyond organic' farm fresh produce.


Your PDC Guest Teachers

Limestone Permaculture is fortunate to have a swag of highly skilled teachers across a range of environmental disciplines and all within our local region. 

Their diversity of backgrounds, skills and approaches guarantees inspiration & greater understanding  within your course learning experience!

Will Power - Design Process & Techniques

Will is a local permaculture designer and educator.

He and his wife Anthea both completed PDCs at Limestone Permaculture, and together run their small farm and design business, Maplewood Permaculture.

Their farm is on two acres in Paterson, which they are continuing to develop as a model of applied permaculture and regenerative principles. 

Will has worked in school teaching and leadership over the last ten years, has a Certificate IV Permaculture with TAFE NSW and the National Environment Centre, and has also studied:

- Naturalistic garden design

- Pasture cropping and grazing management principles.

He believes in simple human-scale solutions and favours working by hand to produce permaculture property designs.

An early design of their farm Maplewood was featured in Sowing Seeds magazine.  



354D2CC7-7902-4CE6-A01E-88CD5BD2EAB1 2(1).jpeg
IMG_6911 2.jpg

Yeo Farm > Field Day

​Andrew & Emma Yeo - Regenerative Farming

Haling from a traditional farming background in the mid-west of NSW, Andrew & his wife Emma moved to Bulahdelah to become modern regenerative farmers & grow a thriving farm business.

Andrew is improving their beautiful property daily using permaculture principles & regenerative practices, his vision is to have a resilient lifestyle that provides healthy fresh food for his family and community whilst enhancing the fertility of his farm.

Holding a Permaculture Design Certificate & various other holistic and regenerative farming skills, Andrew practices & demonstrates Yeoman's 'Scale of Permanence' and 'Permaculture' as an overreaching philosophy to plan & future proof 'Yeo Farm'

Their water retention land-forming techniques has enabled Andrew & Emma to run a successful 'paddock to plate' lamb operation inside a short time frame and through one of the driest season in 40 years.

Yeo Farm demonstrates real regenerative farming techniques & practices which will value add your course learning experience!

Keyline plow2.jpg
Andrew creating swales in paddocks_edite

Island Biologicals (Biocast+)

Lee Fieldhouse - Living Soils (Soil Biology)

Lee and his his partner Kirsty own & operate 'Island Biologicals' on the Mid North Coast, where their aim is to utilise the magic of worms to create products which maximise the health and vigour of soils and plants for all!

Lee's philosophy is that 'Nature Knows Best' & 'Life Creates Life', which suits him perfectly for the passion he has for regenerative systems that enhance not only the plants, but also animals, landscapes, people, communities and businesses.

Lee's in depth knowledge encompasses the promotion of healthy soils specialising in natural bio-stimulants that are packed with living microbes, enzymes, hormones & fulvic acid.

Lee also is a long standing permaculturist with a PDC under his belt.



Lee Fieldhouse 1.jpg
Lee Fieldhouse.jpg

Botany & Horticulture @ Limestone

Marnie Johnson 

Marnie is an experienced gardener and long-term permaculture practitioner. Moving to Gloucester NSW in the early 1990’s she studied horticulture, obtained her TAE and is now a qualified horticulture trainer and assessor.

Marnie has worked within her community & government organisations for years  demonstrating & training others in plant-based food system set-ups, horticulture and marketing of organic vegetables, fruit and herbs.

Marnie will be presenting our ‘Plants in Permaculture’ unit for Limestone Permaculture’s PDC course.

Marnie believes strongly in sharing knowledge and experiences and is continually learning from others and trialling different methods to adapt to the changing conditions and circumstances!






Empowered Off Grid

Garry Williams - Empowered Offgrid

Garry Williams started his journey into Permaculture and Renewable Energy back in 1991, starting a business and developing a sustainable property, building with hardwood & poured earth & living on off-grid power.

He spent the 1990s educating himself and others on Permaculture at Djanbung Gardens with Robyn Francis, as well as running workshops on the Mid North Coast focusing on alternative building and energy systems.

He spent the 2000s involved in his local community of Wootton NSW, establishing the 'Wootton Community Network', a community run café, coordinated sustainability fairs, workshops and influenced community development in the region for over a decade.

All the while running a business installing Off-grid Solar Systems and electrical contracting as his livelihood.

Garry has 31 years of experience and is a veteran in the industry, with over 200 Off-grid systems installed, as well as 'Hybrid', 'Solar Pumping' and 'Grid Connect' systems.

Having lived Off-grid for 23 years in Wootton, and living currently in Morpeth mostly Off-grid, his experience and knowledge is not from a textbook but from practical application and this has been gained by experimenting with the emerging technologies as they arrived on the market.




Permaculture Homestead & Farm - Field Day

Rick Barker - Permaculture Specialist

Richard Barker is a permaculture, environmental and societal sustainability advocate who supports research, education and design in sustaining practices and management.

A remediation advocate of 30 years’ experience, he combines opportunity with multiple solutions, developing all natural environmental and societal synergy, stabilisation and enhancement solutions through technically astute practical processes successfully implemented across the globe.

He is the founder of Tilligerry Permaculture Research and Education Farms, as demonstrations of the shared success model.

As a Polyculture Permaculture and Societal practitioner Rick Barker brings together approaches and experience from Australia and around the world that when applied, have solutions for everyday living.

A colleague of Bill Mollison, Rick continues to design and share learning's wherever invited locally and internationally through positive creative activity.

A blending of traditional cultural awareness with contemporary advancements in sustainable living, utilising conscious functional design are growth attributes.

Tilligerry Permaculture Research & Education is example focused, showing simple solutions to inspire, empower and improve.


Rick Barker.jpg
Tilligerry Permaculture.JPG
Rick profile.jpg

Anthea Power - Permaculture beyond the Landscape

Anthea is passionate about the application of permaculture beyond the landscape, and projects that get communities working toward common goals. Through her business 'Maplewood Permaculture' with her husband Will, she has been involved in community projects ranging from designing school and community gardens, to free workshops, educational forums, as well as starting Permaculture at the Pub which now has three regular events each month, with more in development.


After completing her PDC at Limestone Permaculture, Anthea went on to complete her Permaculture Teacher Training certification with Hannah Maloney and Brenna Quinlan. This helped deepen her knowledge of both teaching and permaculture, while expanding on her toolbox of teaching methods.


Engaging young people in permaculture is another area that Anthea is enthusiastic about, running a local school gardening club and developing educational programs for preschool and school settings.


Currently not available for 2024

Permaculture Homesteading > Farm Visit

Marnie & Ken Johnson -  Misty Ridge Farm

Ken and Marnie moved to their 300 acre property 'Misty Ridge' located in the foothills of the beautiful Gloucester Tops & near the town of Gloucester during the mid 1990’s, with climate change in mind and started developing the property from scratch using permaculture and sustainable principles.

Their background as educationalists, Ken’s practical skills and Marnie’s horticultural qualifications have been put to good use during their time in Gloucester.

They have spent the last 25yrs developing their property which includes:

- Passive solar house

- Organic Certified Herb & Vegetable Business

- Terraces and swales to retain water

- Built micro-climates to shelter various crops 

- Re-vegetated cleared land for wildlife preservation. 

- Small Nursery business.

- Producing olive oil for their own needs with surplus being sold.

- Honey & Egg production


Ken and Marnie have successfully demonstrated it is possible to be relatively self sufficient and earn an income from what was considered “rubbish land”.


They have trialed and developed many efficient watering methods, soil development techniques and are currently investing in wicking-bed systems.

They continue to teach and share their knowledge with anyone who is interested.

They are environmentalists & were involved in the Gloucester Project as well as campaigning against mining in the area.

So with age comes decisions & they have now retired from the commercial growing of vegetables and are focusing on developing their nursery & downsizing their property. 

They have a 3 year plan changing the property to meet their current and future ‘ageing needs’.

They are using permaculture design and again showing how versatile permaculture is and how it can be used to meet changing needs.

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