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Permaculture Consultancy


Typical Consultancy

Our initial permaculture consultation consists of:
- Min 2hrs on site assessing the property / site & understanding your vision / goals.
- Administration > creating a 'Concept Design Overlay' & collating a 'Full Consultancy Report' that can provide permaculture principled guidance, project identification and accompanying relevant information based on your Site Assessment.

Our Urban & Rural Services can include:

(depending on the type of consultation & request):
- Assess property, zones & projects in relation to you & your property requirements
- Assess you in relation to your current site knowledge including climate / weather issues, topography, wildlife corridors etc & their impacts on your land (This can assist recommendations)
- Utilise a site sector analysis to note essential information as to the energies entering & exiting your property (wind, solar, water, fire, noise, wildlife, frost etc)


Advice & Guidance On:
- Water > domestic & landscape > retention, harvesting, storage & diversion.

- Healthy soils > building fertility, composting, bio-fertilisers, teas, maintenance etc.

- Shelterbelts > multi-functional windbreaks, micro-climate, shading, vertical fodder, privacy, edibles etc

- Positioning > kitchen gardens, orchards, food forests, market gardens, built structures, tanks, animal systems etc

- Advising on types of construction, material reuse, resourcing materials.

- Landscaping > land-forming / earthworks / swales

- Low maintenance farming & gardening techniques / strategies

- Orchard Considerations > netted espalier systems, multi-function growing systems

- Income from homesteading > farmgate advice, market garden and small acre farming

- Small animal management & specialised vertical animal fodder systems.

- Plant guild & forest layering systems including species, hardiness, benefit etc

- Aquaculture systems & edible aquatic plant species

- Project management & trade coordination

- General technique & strategy advice


Consultancy Explanation

A Concept Overlay is a digital picture overlaid on an aerial photo (drone photography), it depicts (via your vision / goals) where elements can be located on site according to the site assessment described in the report.

So the Concept Design provides a visual of how your property could look in the future based on the permaculture design process & whole systems thinking.

The Concept Report provides explanations of each project identified within the concept (shelterbelts, kitchen garden, orchard, nursery, compost bays, loading bays, etc) to assist with future project management of each project.

It is supported by a visual 'Storyboard' of options for each element. (Raised kitchen garden beds > metal, timber, stone, terraced etc etc)

The report provides water harvesting potential, site risks / threats, solstice sun projections (summer / winter), protection + micro-climate requirements, windbreaks / shelterbelts, orchard fruit tree varieties, suggestions for types of edibles around the house, dam, gardens, animal advice and much more.

Supporting our consult is a variety of Techniques & Methods + Planting info etc etc, much of which we have put together (sheet mulching, walk-in exclusion tunnel plans, plant lists, native edibles, fruit & nut, perennial vegetables etc)

This initial consultation can help guide your planning for your future homestead / farm / garden as a whole system and allow you to prioritise the important projects!

Please Note

It does NOT provide full project detail for every project as this is called 'Project Management' and requires individual projects to have individual focus of resources (materials + labour) & scope of work. However this service can be provided upon request.

Limestone Permaculture Farm 2023.JPG
Limestone Permaculture
Brett harvesting cucumbers.jpg


Owner / Steward / Farmer & Educator @ 'Limestone Permaculture' - Rural Farm (2010 to current)

Owner / Steward / Gardener @ 'The Urban Squeeze' - Urban Farm (2001 to 2010)

Advanced Permaculture Design Process Course with ‘David Holmgren & Dan Palmer’

Permaculture Cert IV – Riverina TAFE (2 year course)

Permaculture Design Certificate (PRI)

Holistic Farm Management - TOCAL (Inside-Outside Management)

Introduction to Biodynamics Course - Charlie Arnott

Trade Carpenter, Joiner & Landscaper since 1985

Building Trade Services Coordinating Manager (Newcastle Council 2007 - 2017)

Licensed & Registered Drone (UAV) operator (Cert III UAV)

Diploma - Project Management

Diploma - Management

Midcoast Growers Network - President (current)

Stroud Show - Produce Pavilion ‘Chief Steward’ (past)

Stroud Growers Market - Committee Chairman (past)

Mayfield Community Gardens Coordinator (past)


The end result can be a property that is in harmony with nature, beautiful, resilient, multi-functional and highly productive.


                                                                                                Please email                       for more detail

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