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Permaculture Consultancy

Our services can include (depending on the type of consultation & request):
- Assess property, zone & projects in relation to you & your property requirements
- Assess you in relation to your current site knowledge including any climate or weather issues & their impacts on your land (This can assist recommendations)
- Run a site sector analysis for homestead, farming zones & project zones if required, which provides essential information as to the energies entering & exiting your property (wind, solar, water, fire, noise, wildlife etc)
- Provide onsite permaculture principled education and advice based on the above assessments

- Advice on water harvesting, water retention & storage

- Advice on achieving healthy fertile soils

- Advice on all element locations including Food Forests, Alley Cropping, Market Gardens, Swaled Orchards & Kitchen Gardens.
- Advise on types of construction, land-forming & planting techniques
- Advice on windbreak & shading (Micro-climate protection)

- Ethical small animal management & specialised vertical animal fodders.

- Plant Guild & Forest Layering advice including species, hardiness, benefit etc

- Aquaculture set up & edible aquatic plant species

- General growing advice and any other requests on the day...
From the Office
- Support Information Package that backs up the site consultation with discussed relevant information etc (emailed within 48hrs of consultation)


Additional Services after consultation:

- Working Concept Plans

- Planning & Coordination of Projects

- Project implementation utilising 'Limestone Permaculture Project Team'

The end result can be a property that is in harmony with nature, beautiful, multi-functional and highly productive.


                                                                                                Please email                       for more detail

Limestone Permaculture
Limestone Permaculture
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