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  Consultancy & Project Service  

Limestone Permaculture Farm is a living example of what is possible when planning, designing & implementing with Permaculture Principles.

Let us show you how!

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Limestone Permaculture can provide 'Guidance', 'Project Manage' and even install your permaculture projects at your Urban & Rural homestead, backyard & gardens to achieve a high level of success so you can live a more natural,

healthy & happier life...!

You can do this through the food you grow, the water you collect, the shelter you live within, the natural energy you utilise and

the animals we share this beautiful planet with :)



Limestone offers a Permaculture Consultancy, Project Management & Implementation Service for supporting & empowering those seeking a more purposeful and productive life.
We have the skills & expertise to handle a diverse range of individuals and organisations from New Gardeners to Backyard Pro's, Homesteaders & Small Farmers, Community & Garden Groups, Schools & Eco Organisations.
Our flexible options will ensure you get a service that can be tailored to meet your needs & goals...!
Let us put you on the path to a healthy & sustainable lifestyle.


Brett has over 18 years experience in Permaculture Principled Practice & Demonstration, the first 7 years spent as an Urban Permaculurist in Newcastle NSW & the last 11 years on their rural permaculture homestead > Limestone Farm.

Brett has a Cert IV in Permaculture through the Riverina TAFE, undertaken an Advanced Design Process Course with David Holmgren & Dan Palmer, undertaken 'Holistic Management Training' with Brian Wehlburg, 'Biodynamics Course' with Charlie Arnott, is a Carpenter & Joiner by trade, has years of experience in Building & Landscaping, carries Diplomas in Project Management & Business Management, is certified by Permaculture Research Institute for his PDC undertaken with Allyn River Permaculture and has been an avid gardener for over 35 years.

In the past, Brett has been a director on the Gloucester Food Hub, coordinator for the Mayfield Community Gardens, manager for the Stroud Growers Market and Chief Steward of the ‘Produce Pavilion’ at the Stroud NSW Show. 

Brett also has:

- Cert III > Aviation - RPA (Remote Piloted Aircraft) {Registered with CASA)
- 15 years Coordinating Building Trades & Project Management for Construction Companies and Newcastle City Council




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