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Limestone Permaculture

Integrated PDC Internships


2018 Intake applications are ‘NOW OPEN’!

Course: Flexible 32 day Internship + Permaculture Design Certificate Course (PDC 72hr course)

Date: {4 weekdays per/week} 5th Feb to 29th March

Time: 8am to 3pm (flexible)

Venue: Limestone Permaculture Farm (846 The Bucketts Way, STROUD ROAD. NSW 2415)


  - Earth User's Guide to Permaculture (2nd Edition) by Rosemary Morrow

  - Morning tea & lunch . 


  - Price: $2800 ($500 initial deposit) – Balance paid by 30th Jan 2018

​Accommodation:  Please note there is NO available farm accommodation so please check out our local accommodation page > here < for very affordable rooms/cabins/camping etc

*Please note:

The nature of the farm work does require a level of fitness and strength

as some educational duties can be physically demanding.

Limestone Permaculture is now offering 8 week internships with integrated personalised Permaculture Design Certificates.   (Please note, each 8 week block internship is limited to 3 interns.)


This is a unique opportunity to undertake a more personal PDC, whilst gaining a wide range of practical regenerative farming, intensive gardening & ‘permaculture income’ skills, mostly on our highly productive small acre homestead along with some field trips to local farms & businesses.


The 32 day internship includes approx 12 days of Permaculture Design Certificate Course theory, projects & practical tuition, ensuring you emerge from your internship armed with a grounded knowledge in permaculture design & implementation that you can then carry into your daily lives.


Over your 8 week internship, Brett will provide you with a solid understanding of Permaculture Ethics, Principles & Design as based on Bill Mollison’s teachings whilst immersing you in hands-on involvement of all aspects of our Limestone Permaculture Farm operations including but not limited to:

  • Water Management: Learn water saving techniques, irrigation, use of gravity, water capture & disbursement etc 

  • Kitchen & Small Scale Market Gardening: Learn the importance of healthy soil ecology & natural soil maintenance, intensive plant stacking, succession planting, seasonal crop rotation, irrigation & watering, natural pest management and more. 

  • Orchard on Swales: Learn how to construct & maintain an orchard food forest on swales, experience chop & drop mulching, fruit & nut pruning, pest prevention, exclusion netting & much more.

  • Native Bush Foods: Learn about the potential of integrating bush-foods into your orchard & garden.

  • Seed saving & Sowing: Learn how to save & store seed & sow seed according to plant type.

  • Bee management: Learn about European & Native bees that reside on the farm.

  • Plant Propagation & Identification: Create seasonal plants from cuttings, layering, division etc

  • Plant Guild building: Learn how to create a Beneficial Ecology to support your main crops!

  • Composting & Manure Teas: Learn hot composting, weed & manure tea techniques.

  • Farmgate management: Learn proper harvesting techniques; produce preparation & presentation in readiness for farmgate or farmers market sales, understand clever customer service & marketing.

  • Building with recycled materials: Learn from a certified 'Carpenter & Joiner' on proper tool operation & construction techniques.

  • Animal management: Experience the benefits of using permaculture to enable re-generative animal systems and maintain good animal health.

  • Design techniques, Consultation & Aerial Photo-mapping: Join Brett on special consultations & farm aerial photo mapping trips, to understand firsthand how to undertake a ‘Site Sector Analysis’, ‘Bio-region assessment’ & ‘Client Assessment’.   

  • Option to assist: with our workshops & courses that are conducted periodically on our farm as part of our ongoing permaculture education program.

The in’s & outs! 

  • 8 week block > Flexible 4 days a week > Flexible 7hr day                          (includes morning tea break & lunch break)

  • Hands-on work experience & training based on the seasonal changes on the Farm, Market garden and related Permaculture components.

  • Access to resources (books, demonstrations, past designs, planning and informative documents).

  • Approx 2hr to 2.5hrs per day of theory to ensure interns achieve there Permaculture design Certificate.

  • Affordable accommodation available off farm

  • Intern students to bring their own outdoor work clothes, boots, hat, rain jacket etc.

  • A passion to learn & absorb life changing education on an active permaculture farm.

Course Catering

Wholefood Catering by Nici. This includes morning tea, lunch and refreshments utilising seasonal farm fresh & local organic produce. Happily catering for those with food allergies & intolerances where requested.


About our PDC

At Limestone Permaculture, we teach a combination of Bill Mollinson, David Holmgren & Rosemary Morrow's 72-hour PDC curriculum providing a practical introduction to permaculture principles, applications & design practices.

The expected outcome of which, is your gained knowledge and skills to design your property, create regenerative abundance, become self-reliant, provide practical sustainability in your home & workplace. help build a resilient community and be awake to all the possibilities permaculture guidance brings for a natural lifestyle! Our permaculture training also gives special attention to our intern’s climatic zone.

PDC curriculum

• Permaculture principles, ethics, design methodologies & pathways to sustainability

• Patterns & processes in nature, sustainable management, essential earth systems science & understanding global climate influences

• Soil ecology, organic soil management, mulches and compost

• Water management planning, collection, storage and conservation, earthworks and aquaculture

• Forest ecosystems & design of forests for food, forage, fibre, structural materials, habitat, conservation, wildlife, tree-cropping and farm forestry

• Food producing systems for home gardens, small holdings, urban systems to broad acre farmlands

• Design to reduce vulnerability to fire, drought, natural disasters, and impacts of global climate change

• Appropriate technology, renewable energy systems, and passive solar house design

• Bio-regional & community development strategies, urban renewal, farmers markets, community gardens and city farms

*Please note:

The nature of the farm work does require a level of fitness and strength as some educational duties can be physically demanding.


As a participant on Limestone farm there is also an expectation that the intern:

  • will be motivated and physically able to undertake farming & gardening training tasks throughout the 8 week internship when required

  • will listen & follow directions by teacher

  • will abide by farm & house rules

  • will interact with visitors, students, customers and other interns in a polite, friendly and informative manner

  • will start & finish on time

  • will not bring or use prohibitive substances on the property

Application Process

Please register your interest and we will provide you with an application.

Successful applicants will be contacted within 14days of submission.


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